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Music - a journey of life

Music is what everyone wants to hear Music has a different place in life Music is everywhere, there is music in the flowing River, there is music in the waving leaves, and there is music in the flowing air. Music is everywhere, it seems like music has made a world out of it. Music pierces the strings of the heart, music is heard on every movement in happiness in sorrow. Music will be played everywhere in every style.


No Copyright Music  Free Download

Music - touches the soul

Music is a crucial piece of various snapshots of human life. It spreads joy and satisfaction in an individual's life. Music is the spirit of life and gives enormous harmony to us. Thus, Music causes us in associating with our spirits or genuine self. Music is a charming sound which is a blend of tunes and congruity and which mitigates you.


Music is a type of reflection. Music has a wonderful quality of life, in fact without music life is toneless.


It directly connects with our soul. Music flows in every moment of life. It holds us from crib to grave.


No Copyright Music  Free Download

Types of Music

There are many colors of music, each color has a different name that matches the gatherings of humans. As in Romantic music, sad music, happy music, etc.


Music- a living spirit

Music is made according to the human mood and people like to listen to it according to their mood.


Sometimes music can predict a man's mood, even it is true that music can create a man's mood and also spoil it.


Music can make a person laugh even in private, it can make a person cry. Music is fun, it is a magic that can dissolve the person in its color.

Top 10 Romantic Music | No Copyright Music | Free To Use | Vol-1

1) Last_Horizon. mp3     2) Love_Song. mp3      3) Love_or_Lust. mp3     4) Mix_It_Up. mp3


5) Parsifal_Breathing. mp3    6) Puppy_Love. mp3    7) Purple. mp3 

8) Summer_Nights.mp3


9) Tango_de_la_Noche. mp3     10) The_Nexus_Riddim. mp3


Top 10 Romantic Music | No Copyright Music | Free To Use | Vol-2  

1) Beta_Love. mp3     2) Bolereando. mp3    3) Darling_Ranch. mp3     4) Dusty_Tears.mp3 

5) Ella_s_Interlude. mp3      6) Erykah. mp3      7) Hey_Girl. mp3      8) Hollywood_High. mp3


9) Jazzeton. mp3    10) Unavailable. mp3

Top 10 Dark Mood | No Copyright Music | Free To Use | Vol-1

1) Bird_Food.mp3    2) Apprehensive_at_Best.mp3   3) Tweaky_Hastings.mp3   4) BAP.mp3

5) Underpass.mp3    6) Bit_Coin.mp3    7) Black_Moons.mp3    8) Versace_Beat.mp3

9) Dark_Toys.mp3    10) Walkout.mp3

Top 10 Dark Mood | No Copyright Music | Free To Use | Vol-2

1) Darkness_of_My_Sun.mp3    2) Delta_Wave.mp3    

3) Easy_Trip_Trap.mp3

Echoes.mp3    5) FeelinIt.mp3    6) Forest_of_Fear.mp3    

7) Gangsta_Choir_Descends.mp3

8) Ginormous_Robots.mp3    9) God_Fury.mp3    10) Gonne.mp3


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